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UPDATE for ALL PECO share holders:

1- A distribution rate of .34 per share (annualized) will be distributed on 1/7/2021

2- Reverse 1 for 4 share reverse stock split to occur 3/9/2021. Current price of 8.75 will result in a NAV price of $35

3- Tender Offer @5.75 per share on 4.5 million shares at a 26 mm dollar value. This is below the current price of 8.75$ per share.

4-select redemption's for death/disability will be redeemed sat eh 5.75$ share price

If you are not tendering shares, there is no action required at this time. Please contact us at 513-829-8888 for personal conversation with your advisor if you need more information.

Thank  you for the confidence, business and trust you place in Rik Saylor Financial