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FSIC2, 3,4 and CNL2 Renamed FSK2

Shareholders of FSIC II, FSIC III, FSIC IV, and CCT II will be paid their regular distributions, as well any remaining undistributed net investment income and capital gains in the case of FSIC III, FSIC IV, and CCT II, on or around December 18, 2019. This will be an all cash distribution that is not eligible for reinvestment as FSIC II, FSIC III, and FSIC IV and CCT II's distribution reinvestment plans have been suspended for December in preparation for the closing of the mergers. Post-merger, FSK II intends to pay distributions on a quarterly basis, with the first distribution payment expected to be declared in March 2020 and paid in early April 2020. If you were reinvesting the distributions prior to the merger, that will resume with the April 2020 distribution.

Following the closing of the mergers and prior to public listing of its common equity, FSK I intends to issue 5.50% perpetual preferred equity, representing approximately 20% of FSK II's NAV, pro rata to all holders of FSK II common equity, subject to final board approval.

Source FS/KKR Press release 11/22/2019