11 Huge Differences

Rik Saylor Financial in Fairfield OH differs from many other retirement planners — and virtually all stockbrokers or generic mutual fund stores.

  1. We educate you on how all financial advisors are paid.
  2. We don’t scrimmage for short term thrills. We design a plan and play for your “end game” of retirement and caring for your next generation.
  3. Unlike stockbrokers, we may recommend to hedge your risk with insurance.*
  4. Our philosophy seeks to provide prudent, consistent yet growth oriented investment advice. We personally design individualized investment plans tied to your risk tolerance.
  5. Rik’s niche is working people: retirees and pre-retirees, and people with rollover issues.
  6. You will NEVER be pressured. At your first free consultation, you will NEVER be asked to invest.
  7. The Saylor system uses a built-in compass. We help you stay on course with regular rebalancing and adjustments.
  8. We conduct regular reviews in person, with you in addition to online access 24/7 and email communication . We regularly take your pulse on risk tolerance.
  9. Our style is informal and unpretentious. This is not a hobby. It’s our passion. We have families to protect, just like you.
  10. We show you how to plan your investment strategy, Grow , Use and Keep , so more of your money goes to you and your family, and less to Uncle Sam.
  11. We follow the “Golden Rule” of investing. We treat your investments the same way we treat our own investments.

* Guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of the insurance company.

Get to know us, so we’re not strangers.
Many investors are so afraid of being taken
that they stand still and do nothing.

At your first free consultation, you get to know us, we get to know you and your concerns. You go home, while we meet with our team. Then we mutually decide if there’s a fit. For your part, you’ll know. There’s a resonance and trust factor when you can feel someone understands your situation and has the skills, ability and focus to strategically address your concerns.

For our part, if we think you’re a day-trader or an overly active trader, then we know you won’t be happy with our long-term approach with quarterly tweaking and updating. We don’t build your first plan until we both decide we want to build a relationship.

We prepare you for life’s two major milestones.

Unlike many stockbrokers and planners who are just seeking fast profits, our goal is to design and administer a successful end game: retirement planning. Our job doesn’t end when you’re gone.

#1. Job #1 is to plan for an independent retirement.

Your risk tolerance shifts dramatically at retirement --when you start drawing down your assets. You don’t want your lifestyle to change dramatically when you retire. You don’t want to be a burden to your family. And you don’t want to depend on Social Security.

#2. Your moral responsibility to your family continues long after you’re gone.

The worst time to burden a spouse or your kids with financial decisions is when they’re grieving. It’s estimated that 90% of all families leave a conventional stockbroker within months of the primary investor’s death. We plan ahead with you, so the transition is easier and as painless and protected as possible.

No one wants a grieving spouse or kids to have regrets or feel unprovided for. So with the remainder of your assets, we can set up your account to continue our service seamlessly after you’re gone. We’re here to take good care of your survivors. We set up your IRA’s and 401K’s so transferring them doesn’t cause unnecessary anxiety, delay or uncertainty about payout terms.

Rik Saylor Financial represents working families & business owners.

The overwhelming majority of our clients earned their money.

Rik’s niche is retirees and pre-retirees, and people with rollover issues. Presently, most of our clients have over $350,000 in assets. We serve Southwestern Ohio, but we can assist family and friends across the US.

Rik works tirelessly to groom his hand-selected team of service staff to reflect his values. For more on Rik’s philosophy, see his biography in the tab, About Us.

We want to be your financial partner…and give objective 2nd opinions to your family and friends.

Unlike many giant stockbrokerages, you can ask your team at Rik Saylor Financial anything about money. Even general financial questions. Should you lease or purchase your next car? Refinance your house? What about your nephew’s education fund? A durable power of attorney? How best to close out your Mom’s estate. With an IRA, inherited or your own, are you best to take a lump sum, a five year payout, or over your lifetime? And just who determines your lifetime, anyway?

In an uncertain financial world, we are building a sanctuary of trust.

No pressure. Pure service, with all costs fully disclosed. You will be counseled. Not sold. We intend to earn your trust. Our team wants to be your financial partner.

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