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Rik Saylor


For over 30 years, Rik has advised hundreds of families towards the growth, safeguard, use and the passing of wealth. Rik's development of an independent firm allows him the liberty of providing holistic, financially objective advice, to the families served. Taking the time to listen and learn about each client's unique situation is essential. Rik provides recommendations only after an understanding has been attained. As an Investment Advisory Representative, Rik offers truly comprehensive financial planning with awareness to lifestyle and income needs. His "team" approach by planning collaboratively with CPAs, insurance agents and attorneys, assists in the navigation into a competent, successful financial future, to ensure for the ultimate passing of assets to heirs.


Rik is securities and insurance licensed. He holds the Life, Health and Annuities licenses in Arkansas, California, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin. In addition, through LPL Financial, Rik holds the FINRA licenses Series 6, 7, 24 and through LPL Financial and Rik Saylor Financial 66 Investment Advisory Representative. Rik has also earned the designation of Registered Financial Consultant.


Within the community Rik chooses to affiliate himself with organizations and community leaders who choose to invest their time and talents helping to inspire tomorrow's leaders as well as set precedent for the development of a stronger community.
  • Rik actively supports Hospice and serves on the board. The Joe Nuxhall Character Education fund, the Miracle Fields, t he Yellow Ribbon and the Wounded Warriors are just a few of his favorites.
  • Member of the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce and the 2010 Business Person of the Year.
  • Rik is an avid reader and shared his knowledge serving as a volunteer instructor for the OLLI program (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) at the University of Cincinnati and the University of Dayton.
  • Past host of "Straight Talk, Clear Decisions”, Rik shared his experience on a weekly basis with listeners on the internet and radio, enlightening them to make better financial decisions.
Securities offered through LPL Financial, Member FINRA/SIPC. Investment advice offered through Rik Saylor Financial, a registered investment advisor and separate entity from LPL Financial.

Eric Hamberg, CFP®

Eric Hamberg, CFP®

Eric Hamberg, CFP®, Vice President, has served as a Financial Advisor for Rik Saylor Financial for over 10 years. Eric is dedicated to providing easy-to­understand explanations to complex wealth management concerns. His comprehensive approach offers clients the education, clarity and most importantly, the confidence needed to make significant decisions to effectively pursue their wealth goals. Be it investing and asset management or estate, retirement and insurance planning, clients can rest assured that their financial futures are secure.

Formerly co-host of the “Straight Talk, Clear Decisions” radio show, Eric shared his knowledge with listeners. Through LPL Financial, Eric holds the Series 7 and through LPL Financial and Rik Saylor Financial he holds his 66 securities license, as well as his Life, Health and Annuity License. As an Investment Advisor Representative, Eric has a fiduciary responsibility to put the client first. He is currently pursuing his CFP (Cert ified Financial Planner). Eric received his BBA in Finance 8: Real Estate from the University of Cincinnati.

Outside of the office, Eric is active in the community serving as the Treasurer on the Board of Directors of Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank, where he is also a member of the Finance Committee. He also participates on the Board of the Angelman Syndrome Foundation and is on the Finance Committee for that organization, as well.

Eric and is wife Autumn currently reside in West Chester, OH with their twin girls Veda and Nora, who they welcomed into the world in 2016. A second-generation Elder High School graduate, Eric is a devoted "West -sider. " Eric enjoys spending time outside with his family and sneaking a round of golf in from time to time.

Feel free to check out our firm's background on FINRA's Broker Check as well.

Kim Saylor

Kim Saylor - Marketing

Were you introduced to our firm at one of our educational workshops? Have you attended any of our Client Appreciation or Welcome Events? Kim ' s experience in the hospitality and real estate industry give her the aspiration to make every experience you have with Rik Saylor Fi nancial, a memorable one. Kim enjoys soccer, golfing, traveling, entertaining and being "MiMi" to Brookyln.

For the convenience of and to better serve our clients, Kim i s a Notary Public and li censed in Long Term Care and life, Annuity and Health insurance.

Beth Dodson

Beth Dodson - Bookkeeper

Beth performs both the Accounting and Human Resource functions here at Rik Saylor Financial. She received her degree in both Accounting and Finance from Miami University in May, 2006. She has spent her career working in the banking industry for almost 10 years, nonprofits for 4 years, and now the financial services industry since 2014.

A resident of West Chester, Beth has been married to her husband, Darrell, for 21 years. Together they have two children, Alex (18, a student at Ohio Northern University) and Sarah (14, a high school freshman). Their free time is spent attending their kids’ baseball and music events, as well as traveling and water sports.

Nate Parker

Nate Parker - Account Services Coordinator

Nate Parker brings a wealth of experience to Rik Saylor Financial with his degree in Business Economics from the University of Cincinnati. He has worked in the finance industry since 2008 and holds a Series 7 license through LPL Financial.

Nate's strength lies in the streamlining of processes, making your visits more time efficient and complete. He and his wife Mollie currently live in West Chester with their daughter and Siberian Husky.

Our Team

They are financial delegators...

Our community of clients appreciate and are willing to follow the advice of a financial professional

They are passionate about goals...

All of our clients are passionate about their desire to accomplish their goals. They realize that achieving those goals requires both money and planning

They can handle the truth...

Our clients want to hear the truth from us regarding their financial situation...no matter what.

They value our work together...

Our community of clients is comfortable with our fee structure. We charge a percentage of assets under our management, according to our fee schedule.

They focus on what's important...

Our community of clients values our relationship. By delegating, they can focus their valuable time and energy on those things in life that are most important to them.

They appreciate our holistic approach to wealth management...

Our clients appreciate our understanding of tax, insurance, retirement, and estate planning

They enjoy simplicity...

Our clients enjoy the simplicity, freed, and peace of mind that comes from having all their financial assets under the watchful eye of a single trusted advisor. We will earn your trust. Our progressive philosophy is our commitment to you. The introduction of "state of the art" technology coupled with our vow to lifelong education enables us to deliver service with the utmost confidence in quality. Trusted advisors can focus 100% of their time on managing your money and are accessible to address your most sensitive matters.
Rik Saylor Financial in Fairfield OH differs from many other retirement planners — and virtually all stockbrokers or generic mutual fund stores.
  1. We educate you on how all financial advisors are paid.
  2. We don’t scrimmage for short term thrills. We design a plan and play for your “end game” of retirement and caring for your next generation.
  3. Unlike stockbrokers, we can sometimes blanket your risk with insurance to guarantee* a return of your money.
  4. Our philosophy seeks to provide prudent, consistent yet growth oriented investment advice. We personally design individualized investment plans tied to your risk tolerance.
  5. Rik’s niche is working people: retirees and pre-retirees, and people with rollover issues.
  6. You will NEVER be pressured. At your first free consultation, you will NEVER be asked to invest.
  7. The Saylor system uses a built-in compass. We help you stay on course with regular rebalancing.
  8. We conduct quarterly reviews in person, with you. We regularly take your pulse on risk tolerance.
  9. Our style is informal and unpretentious. This is not a hobby. It’s our passion. We have families to protect, just like you.
  10. We show you how to plan your investment strategy, so more of your money goes to you and your family, and less to Uncle Sam.
  11. We follow the “Golden Rule” of investing. We treat your investments the same way we treat our own investments.
* Guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of the insurance company.

Get to know us, so we’re not strangers.
Many investors are so afraid of being taken
that they stand still and do nothing.

At your first free consultation, you get to know us, we get to know you and your concerns. You go home, while we meet with our team. Then we mutually decide if there’s a fit. For your part, you’ll know. There’s a resonance and trust factor when you can feel someone understands your situation and has the skills, ability and focus to strategically address your concerns.

For our part, if we think you’re a day-trader or an overly active trader, then we know you won’t be happy with our long-term approach with quarterly tweaking and updating. We don’t build your first plan until we both decide we want to build a relationship.

We prepare you for life’s two major milestones.

Unlike many stockbrokers and planners who are just seeking fast profits, our goal is to design and administer a successful end game: retirement planning. Our job doesn’t end when you’re gone.

#1. Job #1 is to plan for an independent retirement.

Your risk tolerance shifts dramatically at retirement --when you start drawing down your assets. You don’t want your lifestyle to change dramatically when you retire. You don’t want to be a burden to your family. And you don’t want to depend on Social Security.

#2. Your moral responsibility to your family continues long after you’re gone.

The worst time to burden a spouse or your kids with financial decisions is when they’re grieving. It’s estimated that 90% of all families leave a conventional stockbroker within months of the primary investor’s death. We plan ahead with you, so the transition is easier and as painless and protected as possible.

No one wants a grieving spouse or kids to have regrets or feel unprovided for. So with the remainder of your assets, we can set up your account to continue our service seamlessly after you’re gone. We’re here to take good care of your survivors. We set up your IRA’s and 401K’s so transferring them doesn’t cause unnecessary anxiety, delay or uncertainty about payout terms.

Rik Saylor Financial represents working families & business owners.

The overwhelming majority of our clients earned their money.

Rik’s niche is retirees and pre-retirees, and people with rollover issues. Presently, most of our clients have over $350,000 in assets. We serve Southwestern Ohio, but we can assist family and friends across the US.

Rik works tirelessly to groom his hand-selected team of service staff to reflect his values. For more on Rik’s philosophy, see his biography in the tab, About Us.

We want to be your financial partner…and give objective 2nd opinions to your family and friends.

Unlike many giant stockbrokerages, you can ask your team at Rik Saylor Financial anything about money. Even general financial questions. Should you lease or purchase your next car? Refinance your house? What about your nephew’s education fund? A durable power of attorney? How best to close out your Mom’s estate. With an IRA, inherited or your own, are you best to take a lump sum, a five year payout, or over your lifetime? And just who determines your lifetime, anyway?

In an uncertain financial world, we are building a sanctuary of trust.

No pressure. Pure service, with all costs fully disclosed. You will be counseled. Not sold. We intend to earn your trust. Our team wants to be your financial partner.

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Q. I like your philosophy of being prudent, consistent yet growth oriented. And your lack of pressure. I know that I need to turn this over to someone, but…how do I get beyond the thoughts that stop me from taking action?
A. There are five common brain-stopping thoughts that cause many people to stand still, instead of preserving and protecting their assets. All are valid thoughts. And here are five responses.
  1. Change is momentarily awkward.
    Indeed it is. Telling a former Advisor goodbye, whether a trusted friend or not, IS hard…for two minutes. Just do it. Make the call. It’s like telling the waitress, “No thank you, I’ll pass on dessert today. My mind is made up. I have a bigger commitment to keep.”

  2. A history of disappointments can create a feeling of anxiety about the future.
    Rik Saylor Financial is NOT “that other guy”. We counsel our clients to put the past in the past. During your consultations, we listen to your concerns and put safeguards in place.

  3. The “Swimming Pool Moment”—
    Back when you were ten, poised over the water—just before you jumped, you froze. Notice that moment of inertia before the push-off. Even a strong swimmer, looking forward to the future, develops a routine: Arms over your head. Gulp. Take a deep breath. Push off. Investors need to be in the pool, not standing on the sidelines. It can potentially be dangerous to swim alone. Prudent retirement planning is like having a lifeguard by your side.

  4. The “Trapeze Artist Moment”—
    Survivors take measured risks. They realize you must “give up your Good…to have your Better”. Even if you’ve done pretty well on your own or somewhere else, if you realize it was mostly luck, the next Obvious Right Choice is to move forward. It takes courage to let go of the comfort of what you have—to attempt a strategic move with the goals of greater returns and more security. When appropriate, with some clients, we offer an insurance plan wrapper around an investment. It’s like having a net under the trapeze.

  5. The “Busy Juggler Moment:”
    One morning you realize the preposterous task of managing too much information on your own. There are over 19,000 mutual funds…and you’re busy. You don’t change your car’s oil or cut your hair or perform surgery on yourself. If you let it, TV will bombard you 24/7. News outlets run sensationalized stories. Reporters are not trained financial coaches. It’s a very freeing moment when you turn financial management over to seasoned professionals.

Q. Trust is often a stumbling block to making a financial commitment. Do you have any advice from the ages?
A. Get to know each other, like courtship, before you jump in with any advisor. Ask yourself:
  1. Do I like this person?
  2. Do I trust his advice?
  3. Do I see value for the fees paid and services received?
"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."
--George Bernard Shaw

“The right time to invest is when you “have” the money.”
--Shelby Cullom Davis

“Investors should purchase stocks like they purchase groceries – not like they purchase perfume.”
--Benjamin Graham

“Portfolios should be like a flower garden where something is always in bloom.”
--Benjamin Graham

“Calling someone who trades actively in the market an investor is like calling someone who repeatedly engages in one-night stands a romantic.”
--Warren Buffet

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